Thursday, July 13, 2006


A. Hundreds of people are dying of AIDS and starvation in Africa on a daily basis.
B. Globally, thousands of political activists are being tortured and/or murdered in prisons.
C. A French player headbutts an Italian football player in Berlin.

Question: which one of these options will make it to the headline news?


Dr O2 said...

The one earning more money, hurting less super-power feelings & provokes more false alarms.

Anonymous said...

I hope,I can explian my thought well, beacause my engilsh is terrible!
It seems that our altruism emotion response to the first news.But I asked from myself aren't their reasons the same? a lot of people die in Africa beacause they haven't good hospitals and doctors beacause of not having enough money. They have bad economy because of political problems. political activist are in prison because they aren't agree with goverment. This french football player hit Italian palyer because of his saying that because of christ and muslim political problem. Maybe I misthink , but perhaps they come back to one thing.

Hydra said...

you're damn right, doc!

Anonymous, thanks for your interesting input. In a way, it all comes down to a fundamental lack of respect and compassion for fellow human beings.

jarvenpa said...

I often think the media is what my father would have termed "bread and circuses"--distractions from what is real, and important. (But I confess I edit a political newspaper, and read voraciously).

Kimia said...

C: Because A and B are not new to be headline news.

Hydra said...

jarvenpa, guess your father is right, at least for the media I've come to know. Can you sen dme a link to the newspaper you edit?

Kimia, they can be news, cause most people are not familiar with facts and figures. in a way people are desesitized for human tragedy, they're more after cartoon-like images of Zidane headbutting someone for pure entertainment.