Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The illusion of reality and the reality of illusions

Why is it so easy to hate and so hard to love? Is it because my world has been giving me nothing but hatred? Is it because I don't see anything but harm, aggression and abuse in this world, acted and experienced by others?

Are people, who deny what I just wrote, ignorant? Are they delusional? Do they want to live in illusions?

Am I crazy? Can’t I just see that human beings are generally loving and compassionate beings? Am I?

Is there any truth to say about all these questions? Does anyone know the answers?

I’m running out of question marks, not out of questions.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

What’s been happening recently?

Well, for starters, Dr. Rice has assured the world community that the U.S. does not torture political detainees. It’s not really clear to me what she meant by “political detainees”. I thought “political detainees” only existed in countries where the human rights and freedom of speech are systematically violated. But the U.S.? Come one! Was the “home of the free” not the oldest democracy in the world? If Rice was talking about the Guantanamo prisoners, that’s even worse. First of all, it has been well-documented by independent observers that indeed torture methods are being applied in Guantanamo and similar places. Second, the Guantanamo detainees are not not officially political prisoners, nor are they classified by the U.S. government as “prisoners of war”. We all know why. The recognition of those people as “prisoners”, according to an existing legal definition, would automatically give them certain rights that prevent the U.S. to treat them they way it is doing now.

Another news: participating countries at the world conference on climate change agreed to negotiate a new treaty regarding the global warming. Of course, the U.S., being the asshole as usual, apposed the negotiations in advance.

I was watching MTV, and I learned that some celebrities buy diamond necklaces worth of 50,000 dollars……. for their dogs. When I was living in Tanzania, I could manage to live with two or three dollars a day, something the majority of Tanzanians cannot.

Ahmadinejad has, once again, created a commotion by his latest remarks about Israel. He has said that if Europe is so supportive of the state of Israel, why don’t Germany or Austria donate a few provinces to Israel so the Jewish state can “move” to Europe, instead of occupying Palestinian land. Although I found Ahmadinejad’s point extremely amusing, I seriously started to doubt whether this guy is not a total moron. Regardless of the truth about Israel, I don’t think a head of state should say things like this, without considering their consequences. He’s damaging his country and his statements do no good for the Iranian people.

I'm having a serious relationship problem. I don't know what to do, and feel like shit....