Saturday, November 18, 2006

Abuse of power by the U.S. police state

‘UCLA Police officers shot an (Iranian-American) student several times with a Taser inside the Powell Library computer lab late Tuesday night before taking him into custody.

The student's name is "Mostafa Tabatabainejad". He was selected for a random student ID check by a student worker, but he failed to provide his ID card. He was heading towards the door with his stuff when the cops showed up and tried to escort him out. One cop put a hand on his arm to get him out and he yelled "get off me!" as a second cop walked up and the rest was taped.…’

Tabatabainejad was subjected to multiple shocks, despite the fact that he posed no resistance against his removal from the library. As a matter of fact he screamed “I’m not fighting…”, when oddly instructed not to resist.

He was forced to stand up after each shock, in spite the fact that the use of Taser guns can induce temporary muscle spasm and paralysis, making it impossible for the victim to move. Read an eyewitness account here.

Another disturbing fact is the refusal of the officers to provide their ID numbers, when students asked for it explicitly. These students were instructed not to intervene, or otherwise they would be shot by Taser as well.

Since the Police Department’s early announcement [pdf], which was released a day after the incidence, seems biased in favor of its employees, I kindly request every visitor of this site to do the following:

- Spread the word. Please send this text to as many people as you can.
- Call, fax, or mail the UCLA Police Department, and express your concern.

Telephone: 310-825-2151
Fax: 310-206-6030

You may also send an e-mail anonymously by using this link. The recipient cannot discover your identity. Flood their goddamn mailbox, be my guest!

Please remember that this case is not only about an Iranian-American student. It is about the abuse of our civil rights in the name of security and "protection".

The use of Taser gun has been considered as torture by Amnesty International.